sugar scrub - sweet brown sugar

As a follow up to the Orange Vanilla Delight Sugar Scrub, I thought I'd also show a few photos from the brown sugar scrub I did (which also turned out really well).  This scrub has a heavier scent because of the use of brown sugar and vanilla.  It's a very luscious, sweet scrub!


1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil (or any other oil you'd like)
10 drops vanilla extract
Glass or plastic container
Ribbon & Paper

Making the scrub:
This is super easy and takes literally a minute!  Take your brown sugar and oil and mix them together (you can use your spoon for the scrub or just a regular spoon).  Once it's mixed, add the vanilla - if 10 drops isn't enough you can add more until you achieve the desired scent. Then scoop it into your container.

Tag & Instructions:
Once you've finished the scrub you can add a tag and instructions and the recipe (to make it the gift that keeps giving) for the recipient of the gift.
With mine, I used a cut up brown paper bag and wrote the recipe on one side, instructions for using the scrub [Rub on hands, wash with warm water, dry with soft towel], and then I also explained that the scrub wont last for ever and that the spoon (made of Olive wood) benefits from being rubbed with oil every so often. 

On the front I put the name of the scrub, hole-punched a hole in the corner and used a ribbon to tie it to the jar.

Sweet and simple!  The perfect gift!

*Note: you can find more detailed information on sugar, oil, and scents in my other post for the Orange Vanilla Delight Sugar Scrub!


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