O-my omelet

Omelets are a great way start your day!  I've experimented for a while now as to the best way to create a healthy and tasty omelet.  This recipe (more of a procedure really) is what I've come up with thus far.  Thought I'd share :)

What you need...
3 eggs (1 egg w/ yolk and 2 egg whites)
*Note: As pictured to the left, I like to use the shell of the egg to separate the yolk from the white - so much easier (and cheaper) than anything you can buy in the store.
Dash of fat free milk (to be technical maybe 1 TBSP)
Salt  & Pepper to taste
Small frying pan
Olive oil spray
1/4 cup shredded cheese
2 TBSP salsa

Total Calories: about 245

Place the frying pan on the stove, coat with a spray of olive oil, and turn on to medium low heat. 

Start by separating out the egg whites and yolks (shown above) and then add the dash of milk.  Mix up well with a fork and add the salt and pepper. 

Pour into the now-warm pan and let sit.  Shown on the right are the stages your omelet will go through. 

Top is the egg mixture just poured. 

Second is when the eggs are solid - I check this by gently shaking the pan back and forth to see if the mixture has solidified or if it is still runny.  Once it reaches the solid stage, it's time to flip!  Make sure you go all along the edges first so there is no sticking, then slide your spatula underneath and flip. 

The third picture shows my omelet once I flipped it - a bit brown but that's not a bad thing.

Once flipped,  top with cheese and salsa.  I like to let the cheese melt just a little before covering with the salsa. 

Flip the other side over and let sit for a few minutes.  At this point turn off the element.  You can let the omelet sit on the element and the cheese will continue to melt.

*Add a variety of different ingredients to the egg mixture before you place in pan.  I suggest: onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and garlic.  I usually do this when I have a bit more time to prep.  The veggies cook with the eggs (so tasty) but also make it harder to flip over.
*Add avocado at the end just before folding it in half.
*Add extra yolk (so 2 yolks & 1 egg white) for extra protein (but also extra fat)
(Note: any additions will change the calories)

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!  Usually takes me about 15 minutes in all and I'm usually doing something else (like dishes or making my lunch for that day).  Just make sure you keep an eye on the eggs as they cook - you don't want to over-cook it before flipping!


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