freezer burritos

I absolutely love making my own refried beans minus the re-fry part.  It's a recipe that I'll be putting up here soon, but in the mean time I made a batch of beans with the intent of making freezer burritos.  Honestly, when you make that many refried beans you'd better be planning to either have a party or to do something specific with them because it makes a lot!

What you need...
A batch of refried beans
Cooked & seasoned beef, chicken, steak etc. meat*
Flour or Corn tortillas
Shredded Cheese (any kind  you prefer)
Saran Wrap

Note: If you use corn tortillas there is the definite possibility that they will crack/crumble when you fold them - this is just a heads-up
*I decided to keep things simple this time and omitted the meat but feel free to cook up a batch of seasoned meat to add to these burritos

Rip off about a 10" section of saran warp and lay it on your work space.

Place your flour tortilla on top of the saran wrap, glob on some beans (as shown), and follow with cheese.
*Here you can also add on your meat of choice.

Wrap up your tortilla and then wrap the saran wrap around it as well.

Place your final product in the freezer and you're good to go!  I love how simple this is and then, whenever you need something quick for lunch or dinner, grab a homemade burrito.

To defrost, unwrap from plastic and either heat in the microwave or wrap in foil and place in the oven (if you have extra time).

I've now got about 8 of these in my freezer and feel very accomplished!  Since I'm out of the house for at least 2 nights out of the week I rely on bringing not only my lunch but also my dinner to work with me and this has joined the ranks of my 'pre-planned' dinner ideas.

For me, the less I need to rely on purchasing food outside of the home the more I save on my budget.  Also, I feel better about my eating habits in general when I am the one preparing my food and not purchasing pre-made items (even from great places like Trader Joes).  I can make 8 burritos for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy the same amount.
Hope this simple idea creates excitement in you as it did with me :)


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